Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Orthodox Men's Magazine

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Larry said...

This is perfect. :-)

あじ said...

Wow, this is hilarious. A true collision with pop-culture.

elizabeth said...

oh man... your humour is something else! :)

Ruth said...

Oh, my!

Discourse said...

Hair tie test...tee hee hee.

Ruggles said...

On their website:
"Discovered by a [your city] reader!
Acai berry lengthens beard in just 3 weeks!"

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...


Please write the prostration article :-)

margaret said...


How to sew your own anteri – four patterns
Leftover Love - Mother Milburga's tips on recycling meals for Lent
Choosing between a cute little pillbox and an apostolnik
How to cope with 500 unexpected guests at the monastery
Tried and True methods for breaking it to the family
Cats can be nuns too - Nunabee Nectaria explains how to find the right convent and slip them past the Bishop
Ask Sister – everything the other nun mags leave out revealed by Sister Ethelwida
Top Ten Ugly Boots for under $50
How to still look good in black if your Color Me Beautiful was spring, summer or fall

Anonymous said...

Classic stuff! Here are some more Monkabee article suggestions ...

Thinking about the "big snip"? Take our quiz to find out whether you're ready to be tonsured into the Great Schema.

Extreme fasting Making every Lenten calorie count.

Free CD - Now that's what I call basso profundo Enjoy our selection of deep chant from Russia. These brothers are off the scale!

Stephen said...

Love it. I'll take a subscription for myself and all my lovely, manly, monky friends.

Other possible headlines or titles:

America's Next Top Monk--Passionless Finale Next Sunday of Orthodoxy.

Monks Illustrated Scufia Issue

s-p said...

Margaret, Tom and Stephen: ROTFL!!! You guys are feeding my passions... and giving me ideas. I hope you don't mind if you see some of these in future issues (and maybe an Orthodox Women's magazine too).

Anonymous said...

Yet another reason to become Orthodox! Do I get a free subscription when I get Chrismated?! ;) Good stuff!

s-p said...

oruaseht, If this is a reason to become Orthodox, be sure your priest does the prayers of exorcism at your chrismation. I am negotiating with SCOBA to make MONKABEE the "Official Men's Magazine of North America", so everyone will receive a subscription along with a decoder ring. I'll keep everyone posted on how that goes. :)

Anonymous said...



"Accent Your Crib with Candles: They're not just for paying the mortgage."

James the Thickheaded said...

Doesn't it get the imagination going?

How about:

"Beard as Prayer Rope: Part Iv - Russian Sailors' Knots"

"Living with Beano: Vanity or Humility?"

Jessie said...

This is my all time favorite orthograph....

thegeekywife said...


(Dying to know, actually, which hair ties are the best....)

Sheena said...

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