Saturday, August 21, 2010

Coffee with Jesus

Yup.  Click HERE
H/T: Allan


Ashley Siferd said...

Very good point. I like this.

Fr Joseph Huneycutt said...

At risk of being shot by some Orthodox Christian (they will know we are Christians by our guns) -- that was simply fabulous.

Huw Raphael said...

I have to agree with Fr J... that was fabulous. (Father, bless!)

Chrys said...

Well, THAT was funny. Well done.

"Self absorbed? Me. No, well I don't TRY to be. I mean, I know it's not really all about me. It's about YOU, Lord. . . . . . . 'cause, You are so wonderful . . to me. . . . . . . okay, now as I was saying, I . . ."

A great send-up . . . or a really good case for using a prayer book. (Because if you don't have something worth saying, you're better off using someone else's genuinely worthwhile words.)

Too funny.

oruaseht said...

You liked *my* video, huh?

s-p said...

oruaseht, Yep, though I think I'm more like the guy who bought it from the pawn shop who fenced it from the guy who stole it from you... H/Ts all around! :)