Sunday, February 27, 2011

What Cannibals Eat After Meatfare

H/T ETM Richardson


Svetlana said...


Your Intrepid Editor said...


Sophia in West Texas said...

That reminds me of a bumper sticker - "Eat Vegetarian. They taste better."

Alexander The Mediocre said...

"Vegans are the best. Vegetarians give me gas"

-Hannibal the Orthodox


Wouldn't "Hannibal The Cannibal" be a good idea for an orthograph?


There is a gene which has to do with Orthodox Cannibalism:

slackplan9 said...

And the vegans on Planet Phoenix hunt TOFUDEBEAST and they shoot BOCADACTYL...Screaming "BOC BOC BOC"...Vinyl wings flapping about...

Silouan said...

Here's the website for Hufu:

Chrys said...

Are we talking about grass-fed vegetarians? (Or, to be more precise: grass-finished vegetarians?)

Apparently something in meat can also help you proof-read better.

Or maybe it's a conspiracy to rid the world of vegetarians.
(If so - at the risk of adding injury to insult - it should be noted that the meat-eaters also have most of the guns.)

Chrys said...

If meat is needed for proof-reading then I guess I need to eat more meat, since my failing eyes (or old, low resolution computer - yeah, that's it) failed to spot the, um, er, "modifications" made to the package.

Just have to wait forty days.

Of course, the vegetarians are right. As the t-shirt says: Meat is murder -- tasty, tasty murder.