Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Engineer's Psalter

As far as the variable of latitude being 110.574 Km @ 0 degrees, and 111.694 Km. @ 90 degrees, averaged to 111.134 Km per Arcdegree Latitude times 180 degrees separation (constant) =
π/180M (Ø) = 20004.12 Km, so far hath He removed our iniquities from us.
Psalm 103:12

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magda said...

My husband comments across the breakfast table, "But if you're at the North Pole, boy, are you a sinner!"

magda said...

Now I know how you got the image of Jesus for your second caption contest.

Lucas said...

Will this be in Thomas Nelson Publishing's new 'Engineer's Study Bible' joining the ranks of their American Patriot's Bible and Maxwell Leadership Bible?

Your Intrepid Blogger said...

The party of the first part, "the man", shall upon completion of the following five criteria receive blessedness or happiness, as per translation (see footnote 3).

1. He shall not walk, perambulate, run, stroll, or otherwise pedally locomote... in the council, advice, or rede of the wicked or evil;
2. He shall not stand, pause, or otherwise be stationary and in an upright position in the way, path, or route of sinners or transgressors of the Law (see point 4);
3. He shall not sit, lounge, recline, or otherwise rest upon his ass in the seat, chair, chaise, sofa, or barcalounger of scoffers, naysayers, or hecklers; rather,
4. His delight, joy, happiness, and/or sense of emotional exuberance shall be in the Law of the Lord, "the Law"; and
5. Upon the Law he shall meditate, consider, ponder, and/or cogitate during both a.m. and p.m. portions of each 24-hour period.

-Psalm 1:1-2

s-p said...

Lucas, I found your blog. Dude, you should post more. Your xkcd ripoffs are great!