Saturday, June 11, 2011

Orthograph #137 - Confusion of Speech


mike said...

good one

Anonymous said...

Yes, but are you sure this graph needs a specific topic in the y axis? In other words, the longer the sermon, the more the babel. Period.

Anonymous said...

next graphs:

Length of sermon VS percent of theological inaccuracies it contains (ahem!)

Length of Sermon VS hits on "pithless thoughts" blog

Length of Sermon VS usage of psychotropic medication

--a good artist is not determined about what they put into an artwork, but what they leave out (anonymous artist)

--“if you preach more than 20 minutes, you are either lying or repeating yourself.” (The Anonymous Preacher)

--“if you preach less than 30 minutes, you haven’t properly exegeted the text. (anonymous seminarian)

Lvka said...

Hi, Steve.

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Grace said...

Oh man. Glad I didn't see this until after Pentecost. Now I'm casting my mind back and trying to remember how long the priest's homily was. I guess if I have to think about it, it can't have been too Babel-y, right?