Monday, April 26, 2010

It is the end...

My 17 year old daughter was telling us at supper tonight that she overheard the girl behind her in class talking to someone about how she wanted five kids, so she needed to have two more... and, that she just broke up with her girlfriend.


BelleArtMom said...

Wow. Glad I homeschool my kids. At least it buys me a little time until they are exposed to this.

Athanasia said...

Kyrie Elesion.

Meg said...

Strangely, I am not shocked.

Anonymous said...

Not surprised. This is the wages of our state religion of secular humanism.

And it is the State Religion, despite the Establishment Clause. Its main features are the abolition of all standards of behavior, the wholesale demoralization of the population, and the surrender of one's will on the altar of political correctness.

After all: Who are we to judge?

Sophocles said...

This reminds me of something that happened a couple of months ago after Vespers on Saturday night. I saw these two young 14-16 year old girls come in after the service. I had never seen them before and could tell they were not part of the scenery I was accustomed to seeing at our parish.

They both knelt in front of the steps that lead up to the altar and were praying.

I watched them because I wished to get to know them before they left: who they were, what they were there for, if they were Orthodox, etc.

We had a nice friendly chat and when I asked them what they were praying for, they told me, "That God would deliver them from their homosexual relationship." They were holding hands while we were talking. My heart went out to these kids and I as best I could, shared Christ with them without any condension. I could tell they were interested in hearing me out because I was telling them things about God they would never hear in a Protestant setting. Their eyes were opened wide.

That was a very interesting experience.

Working in the mall, I regularly now, more and more frequently see boys holding hands with boys, girls with girls, and so on.

Whatever is going on, it is increasing.

Anonymous said...

Whatever is going on, it is increasing.

What's happening is that homosexuality is no longer a sexual orientation, but a fashion accessory. It's hip to seek your own kind. TV tells me so, and TV would never lie to me.

Huw Richardson said...

One is used to seeing so many judgmental comments on Orthodox blogs. But they are ironic following so many anti-judgmental comics.

We work out our own salvation in fear and trembling.

Lord have mercy on us all.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Lord have mercy on us all.

Especially those who, like Demas, love the present world and forsake the faith (2 Tim. 4:11). And those who pretend to be shepherds of the God's flock, but are, in reality, men of counterfeit and reprobate mind.

Steve Robinson said...

Huw, On my part it is an immense sadness that a young girl of 16 is so "world-worn". In my mind, it is not about "homosexuality" (I mean she has 3 kids and wants more). I marvel at how someone so young got so muddled. I'm 57 and the world IS different and people's spiritual and even basic human moorings are adrift in ways I think no one 40 years ago could have predicted. I sometimes mention I haven't watched TV since 1959, so what passes as "prime time entertainment" in 2010 is a stark contrast to me. Our culture has devolved into nihilism and a baseness that even Christians are oblivious to. I do not judge the young girl, I judge our culture and the impotence of the Church to sufficiently influence our culture to permit a child to be a child and get screwed up as an adult like we used to do. Indeed, Lord have mercy on us all, and if this young girl showed up at our Church I'd be the first to hug her. How I encounter her is indeed how my salvation is worked out. She is not a category or an object to be defined either politically or theologically, but a human being to be loved.

Anonymous said...

Steve - I'm a couple years younger than you, so I have similar perspective. Maybe we can remember that these end times have been going on for a couple millennia, and may go on for many more.

Here in America, we've been sheltered by a diaphanous illusion of security and civility. There are kids in Africa who've been forced to kill other kids from their family. I could go on, but you understand. Things can, and may get a lot worse.

I'm not sure it's up to the Church to influence the culture, rather perhaps to contrast with it. We don't suffer from moral or cultural issues as much as theological issues - and, by extension, issues of personal repentance and love.

Thanks for reminding us that this girl's condition meets our responsibility in our own salvation.