Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Orthographs - THE BOOK!

I just finished the first edition of "Orthographs".  It is 100 of the best of the Orthographs, Curmudgeophan, Ortho-mags and miscellaneous cartoons (so far). For those new to the blog and aren't familiar with Orthographs and the cartoons, click on the "Orthographs Archive" link under the "Click on This Stuff" to the left of this.

Thanks to all of the followers, lurkers and commenters who have fed my vaingloriousness and idiocy for these past few months.  As Curmudgeophan said in his review, "If he was really humble he'd-a waited until he was dead and let one of his psychophants publish it for him."  As usual, of course, he's right.

To purchase your very own or baptism/chrismation, name day, catechism and parish tract rack gift copies of "Orthographs - An Un-orthodox Primer on the Spiritual Life for Converts" click   HERE.

(And of course, links and viral promotions are greatly appreciated...)


Orthodox Christian Resources said...

That is awesome!!

I must get a few copies for people here in Australia. I regularly refer to your Orthographs on my blog, so now people can have their very own copy!

With prayers,

Anonymous said...


Larry Anderson said...

Consider it linked! :-)

Justinian said...

Linked and virally promoted. I think we'll order 5 for the parish bookstore too. No reason to keep those parishoners without internet access away from the genius.

God bless,

Bb said...

HA! I know someone who'd love one of these.

How did Lulu work out for you? I have started a project with them and not really gone very far with it. The process seems straightforward enough. Did you find it so?

Steve Robinson said...

Thanks all.
Michael, Lulu was pretty much a breeze to work and I'm a total tech dunce. My limitations were more with my lack of skills with MS Word and trying to do a book of cartoons instead of text. I'm going to do some shorter cartoon books, maybe exclusively Curmudgeophan stuff or a real "Monkabee Magazine" I'm pretty sure. I actually couldn't believe I had that many Orthographs and cartoons for the first book but I decided to make it longer even though it cost more rather than splitting them up into two smaller books.

Bb said...

Great stuff! Thank you for this. I've seen other self-publishing sites, including one affiliated with Amazon but they make the whole affair sound incredibly tedious. Lulu it is.


Fr. Christian Mathis said...

Your shamelessness knows no end! I have to wait until I get paid, but I think I may need to mail my copy to you for an autograph.....that way the value will only increase!

Unknown said...

Fr. Christian, Ohhh... you just gave me an idea, I'll have to see if I can edit the book. I hope so! If not, it will definitely be in the second edition. I'll confess up front it is even more shameless than the first edition... can you give pre-emptive absolution? :)