Saturday, January 22, 2011

Curmudgeophan's Catechism #2


Ikonophile said...

Is it wrong to tune that part of the liturgy out so that I don't get my aching feet or rumbling stomach's hopes up?


Anam Cara said...

When I first became Orthodox, it was a non-Orthodox friend who had
YEARS before attended one service who pointed out that "Let us complete our prayer to the Lord" means there's half an hour left.

After 9 years, I will still sometimes check my watch at that point to see if it is still true. At my church, anyway, it is!

Unknown said...

It depends on when you start counting. If you're at Matins/Orthros then you've reached the 3/4 mark. If you attended Vespers the night before as well then your 7/8's the way trough the service. :-)


Grace said...

Similarly, Curmudgeophan should tell the catechumens that just because the deacon tells them three times to am-scray, they shouldn't even *think* about it.

Ingemar said...

Or, if you go to my parish, "LUCOPTTL" is actually the kickoff.

For my part, I try to get in before Matins ends. That way I can get good seats.