Saturday, January 08, 2011

My Own Personal Hell

I've lived in Arizona for 45 years and worked construction for 32 of them.  I work in "traditional hell". Basically, I'm acclimated to hell.

Hell for me is any temperature below 65 degrees.

So, I've never had a shopping/to do list like this:

Thermal underwear:  check.

Wool work gloves: check.

Wool socks: check.

Thermal hat with earmuffs: check.

Compressor filled with 5W oil: check.

Fleece lined waterproof work pants:  check.

Snow chains for tires: check.

Gortex boots and windbreaker: on loan from "Ski Trip Bill".

No internet or cell phone connection.  

In the immortal words of Rambo:  "I'm going in.... don't try to stop me!"

But, if I'm not back in 7 days, send in a sled dog rescue expedition.

Thanks to all those who contributed to The Cause. (It's not too late to send something....)

Hasta luego!


Anonymous said...

Your plight falls on deaf ears, my unacclimated friend. Here in Ohio, we break out the shorts when it hits 45. In the living room....

elizabeth said...

LOL; it sounds like you are ready!! I hope it is just cold and not damp cold - I was freezing in Michigan because of the dampness. Ottawa can easily be colder temp wise but it is not as damp, which to me is much much better.

God speed!

Matushka Anna said...

Godspeed! I hope everything goes hell. I mean well. (c;

J.D said...

Debit card; check
Credit card; check
Check; check

Adam Sheehan said...


As an Illinoisian, permit me to offer a our definition of "cold".

Cold - when you spit and hear it crackle in the air before it hits the ground.

Stay warm! : )

Anonymous said...

Welcome to my world!

Fr John Chagnon
St. Paul, MN

Emily H. said...

I hope you tell us all about it when you get back!

Oh, and a nice picture of you dressed up in all that!!

Grace said...

What an amazing thing you're doing. I think we imagine some idyllic life at a monastery where all the world's problems seem to disappear. Reading about the monastery really wrung my heart ... plus, Greg's saint's name is also Euphrosynus, so it's obviously a sign. We don't have anything either, but we're pool together couch change and contribute something.

Anonymous said...

OK, it's day 8. Should we start lining up sherpas or just write him off?