Sunday, April 11, 2010

Orthograph #74 - Can't Get No... #2


David B said...

Absolutely. Explains quite a bit why folks here at seminary are content, miserable, or all places in between.

Anonymous said...

O, this one I disagree with.

If your satisfied, your not doing it right. From my experience, just facing God, much more attempting to approach the throne, hurts--it hurts badly. But I am told by the Saints this is for my good, so I cling to hope.

Perhaps I'm just a greater wretch than most. Such as I am, I am.

s-p said...

NH, Maybe I should have said, "Content", as in "I have learned to be content in whatever state I am in..." Satisfied and complacent are not equivalents, and what I was thinking of is dissatisfaction with my "lot in life" is predominantly due to fantasies of what I think it ought to be. Dissatisfaction with my spiritual place in life is not due to fantasies (though sometimes it is due to delusions), but ideally because I see my reality in terms of God. As you point out, there is a big difference between the two for sure.

Anonymous said...

I should just laugh at the point you are making instead of trying to torture the joke for too much "correctness".

My apologies. You know where I've come from and the exorcisms I've needed.

Adam Sheehan said...


You nailed it with this one.

With your permission, I would like to put this one up on my computer cubicle at work.


s-p said...

Adam, You are free to use the Orthographs in any way you like. If you sell them send me some money. :)