Monday, October 04, 2010

Ecumenical Dialogue Overheard

OK folks, this is not a serious commentary on "ecumenism" etc. etc. It just made me smile. If you didn't smile, don't comment. Thank you in advance for not filling the combox with links and diatribes about ecumenists, Bartholomew and the Pope.


Cha said...

No diatribe from me - there's simply too many useless ones on the net already.

I smiled - chortled out loud, actually!

pudlasz said...

I've spitted my tea on the keyboard.

Anonymous said...

What if we like the Pope, can we get all ecumenical? :)

After all, he is a snappy dresser, and every once in a while he goes all ad orientem. Got to dig those smooth moves.

I think I just spilled some filioque on my tie.

margaret said...

And he wears such cute red shoes.

Loved it.

Anonymous said...

tee hee.... :oD

Juliana said...

Yep, I smiled. Luckily my Frappacino was safely sitting on my desk and not in my mouth or it would have been all over the keyboard!

Loved it, thanks for sharing!

Chocolatesa said...


Mimi said...

I also chortled.

mamajuliana said...

caused quite a few giggles in our 'ecumenical' household!

The Ironic Catholic said...

Bring out the light sabers????


Chrys said...

Darth Benedict? Jedi Bart?
So that would make Kirill . . . Yoda?
(Nah, too young - and too tall.)

Theocoid said...

As a visiting Papist, I laughed as well. God bless.

bob said...

Poor Bartholomew. Always 2nd fiddle. If there *were* an Orthodox Pope, he'd vanish in insignificance. Without one he.....Well, come to think of it, he does that just fine right now. Along with the other ancient sees. The tinsel of 5th century demography isn't the same as the Church.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you! :D Made my day.

Fr. Ernesto Obregon said...

Giggle, giggle, and it goes so well with your previous comic about clergy meetings!

James the Thickheaded said...

Great video. Only they were using Pig Latin and Sheep Greek (?) so maybe something slipped in the captioning. We submitted it to the codebreakers (now retired) from/in the Kremlin, and understood it went something more like:

"Eez vun svingin' cool icon necklace, you gots dere, ya' beatidude. Eet remind me of zee Han Solo een zee blue carbonite I leaves back at zee 'dome."

"Nooooo! You.... !! Uh..ya' wanna trade it for my R2D2 censer?"

"Youz gots ze R2D2? Goes it smoke?"

" an' Empire! An' 'stead of bells..."

"Nooooo! zeet make R2D2 noise?"

"Fer sure! Ya' gotta hear that puppy!"

"An' ze hearing..."

"Yahs excellency! It's believabubble."

"Oh dah! Vanderful! Yah. Vee trade."

"An' you drop the filioque and all that?"

"Vat? Vell... you send R2 Fedex?"


"OK. Eeez deal! An' now we sing:

"My buddy..."

"Dees buddy...."

"He's... wheeze... missing you!"

"Hah! Eeez gud ve make fun!"

"Sure. I'll send the R2... collect."

"Oh...vhy not?"

An' just like that... we're buddies!

Adam Sheehan said...

As a Roman Catholic who loves the Eastern Orthodox Church, I had something different in mind.

The caption above our Pope would read, "OK..OK..we'll drop the drop the Filioque, Purgatory, and the Immaculate Conception, but you really have to help me save face on the Infallibility matter." ; )

s-p said...

JtTH, Please send me a case of whatever it is you are drinking. LOL!