Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Patriarchal Humor


Anonymous said...

We Orthodox have the best headgear.

Apophatically Speaking said...

I am assuming that is not a broom stick he is holding?

ROFLOL. Thanks

Mimi said...


Anonymous said...

...your going to get in Big trouble!........:)

Ranger said...

"Who needs wings to fly?
Certainly not I,
I prefer to take up on the breeze,
Follow any swallow that may please my fancy.

I just close my eyes,
Tiptoe through the skies,
Long as there's a kalymmafchion standing by,
Who needs things like wings to fly?"

Chrys said...

Ah, The Flying Patriarch. (You can tell - his epanokamelavkion is very aerodynamic.)

I always liked that show. (Yes - "I liked it, I really liked it.")

This explains how he really got the name of The Green Patriarch. (No carbon emissions at all.)

Since he's the only one with a flying veil, I do wonder if he's using the same wind that the MP is using.

Chrys said...
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Chrys said...

I see that Ranger and I had the same inspiration.
(Ranger - yours is better. Well done. Should have read it before posting.)

bob said...

I will not make any comment including the name of Sally Field. No. Wild horses can't make me.

Teri Anna said...

"No capes!" ~ Edna Mode

Bill M said...

See now, my eye is drawn to the fellow in the middle, and I'm thinking of captions for him:

"Too late, Melman realized that this was a full-dress party, so he just smiled and hoped no one would notice."

s-p said...

BiilM, and he knows you have to laugh at clergy jokes to get ordained so he won't be the sore thumb http://pithlessthoughts.blogspot.com/2010/10/orthodox-demotivator-5.html