Friday, October 29, 2010

Nostalgic Music Night


Anonymous said...

Roy Orbison and K.D Lang...classic!

Joseph Barabbas Theophorus said...

I like the first song alright. It's a far cry from Ke$ha (my favorite music artist), but I find it more uplifting than the other ones.

I'm also curious to what you mean by nostalgia. The only form I am aware of is dark - very dark. I assume there is another meaning, so perhaps you can expand on that. What causes this form and where does it lead? What other names does it go by?

s-p said...

Joseph, I used the term in a benign manner. Once in a while I click through some old songs I used to enjoy, usually late at night and I'm winding down. I don't listen to contemporary music or "music radio" (except what my kids listen to and I can't help but hear it...), so I'm kind of stuck in the past. I'm not a terribly upbeat person, so I'm not a fan of "poppy/hoppy music". Most of the music I like is on the mellower side of things and would drive some people into a suicidal depression. Cowboy Junkies are my definition of a hard rock band. :)