Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Orthograph #44 - Lent 3, Image is Everything


Anonymous said...

I'll take an extra sloth, please.

I already have a big business dinner booked during Holy Week and I know that I will probably end up chowing down on roast beef (as I did last year) in order to avoid explaining myself to a table of 10 people I barely know. I do a lot of this type of dining for lunches and dinners and this is where I most often break the fast in order to just fit in.

In secret, I will also admit that if the Russians can drink vodka, I think I can drink beer and scotch (although I pour myself "lenten portions").

Anonymous said...

Since I can't even keep it in public most of the time, I guess I'm "BC".

Anonymous said...

A rabbi once told me that the thing most interesting about the kosher laws was that it brought God into the most mundane parts of life, like lunch.

So if you're pouring "Lenten portions", I guess He's there.

C'mon. We all do it, one way or the other.

Keep your eyes on your own shot-glass ;-)