Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Wanna Talk? A Primer for Wives

Husbands have gotten a bum rap in marriage and pop psych manuals.
Wives want their husbands to talk to them.
Husbands do actually talk, but not like wives think they do, or how wives think they ought.
Do you want a conversation with your man?  Before you try to extricate one from him with a woman's crowbar


123 said...

Um, I'm the wife it turns out. Well, my wife's always said the best husbands are just a little bit gay.

I'm also great on extended commentary on interior design and clothes. I live for Project Runway, next to church, of course.

elizabeth said...

oh my. if that was the case (this man's view of men and women) then I'll just stick to having a cat! Wow!

amy said...

ha! hubby & I both enjoyed the article!

Athanasia said...

Umm...I'm with orrologion. My husband is the 'wife.'

I always thought guys were like dogs...give them a treat when they do good and all is well on planet earth.

Maybe I better go back to reading!

25 years of wedded bliss! YAY!

Steve Robinson said...

Orr and Phillipa, I do know several couples where there are "role reversals", but no one where BOTH wanna talk all the time. It seems a mouth always marries an ear. :)

Anonymous said...


Reminds me of the old saying: "Men talk with women so that they can have sex with them. Women have sex with men so that they can talk with them."

Anonymous said...

My wife and I talk almost constantly. But that's very different than, "Hon, we need to talk."

Part of the problem that women don't realize is we are nearly Pavlovian. If every time you say that phrase, something unpleasant follows, then we won't want to talk.

If you use that phrase a few times to start "good" conversations, or at least you make sure the experience of the bad conversation is mitigated (some attention helps), then things will improve dramatically.

Men may be lazy, but just because a man is lazy doesn't mean his wife doesn't emotionally abuse him.