Friday, February 26, 2010

Orthograph #53 - Lenten Warning Label, 2


discourse said...

Hahahahaha. Ha. Dang cheeseburgers.

Anonymous said...

Thank God for step #2.

Claire said...

This blind hiker fell 3000 times during his Appalachian Trail trek--and he got up 30001! Very inspiring to me.

"In 2004, a rare degenerative eye disease started taking Thomas’ sight. But Thomas refused to let blindness interfere with his dream of walking 2,175 miles through the woods.

Thomas’ Injuries
1 Foot fracture

1 Head gash closed with Super Glue

2 Broken trekking poles

4 Broken ribs

8 Hospital visits*

78 Most falls in one day

3,000 Times falling total"


Anonymous said...

I keep telling the kids: Pick up your damned cheeseburgers!


Steve Robinson said...

AnonGodBlogger: PERFECT! All we have to do is get up one more time than we fall and we won. :)

Actually, in our house there would be no cheeseburgers to trip over because they'd be eaten ... you'd actually be more likely to slip on an eggplant or a puddle of lentils.

Anonymous said...

When I first saw this I missed the cheeseburger, so I assumed that this was a guide for doing prostrations.