Sunday, January 10, 2010

Orthograph #23 - Old and New Calendars Part 1


Cameron said...

Yes, I do like this one a whole lot. Well played, sir.

Fr Christian Mathis said...

awesome! may I share this one on my blog? I think it will really help make a difference!

s-p said...

Fr. Christian, Please feel free. The title is "Calendars" but the graph covers a multitude of sins. :) The longer I live, the less point I see to discussing "issues" that ultimately I have NO influence or authority or power to change. In the end all it does is entrench people in their opinions, objectify our "opponents", and divide the Body of Christ. Por nada en ultimo.

Jon Mark said...

I like this, although I am afraid I am not intelligent enough to completely understand it.

Pax Vobis

s-p said...

Jon Mark, Some of the Orthographs are pointed at behaviors surrounding "Intra-Orthodox" debates, issues and quirks that, unless you are a serious internet inquirer or a convert to Orthodoxy via discussion lists and blogs, you won't entirely understand. And you can thank God you don't. :) It is not a matter of intelligence but innocence. Stay that way.

As I mentioned to Fr. Christian, you can remove the specific caption and substitute any topic for the most part and they'll apply.

Et spiritu tui.

Barsanuphius Coppola said...

The point to discussing issues is to open one's mind and that of others about them, to see more than one side, and thus gain some wisdom.

When the body sends a message to control centers, it will be felt. Change may come slowly and with broad considerations, or not at all, but genuine discussion improves it.

With less discussion the body sends narrow, discordant and uninformed messages and integrates control center commands in the same benighted fashion.